Child Support Calculations in Florida

There are dozens of free child support calculators online. Some of them are fairly good, but getting an accurate number for child support is not as easy as just visiting a website. The Florida Guideline formulas are complicated. Every week I receive a call from a client who thinks he or she knows what child support will be. They are usually way off.

Although child support calculations are based upon mathematical formulas, knowing what numbers to enter, and which formula to use, is important. Improper calculations can lead to mistakes that amount to thousands of dollars over the life of a case.

To properly calculate support under the Florida Guidelines, the following is needed:

The net incomes of both parties, after taxes, health insurance, union dues and mandatory retirement payments;

The cost of the children’s health insurance;

The cost of daycare;

Earned income credits, if any;


Child support paid in other cases;

Tax exemptions;

The number of overnights the children will be spending with each parent.

All of these factors, and more, effect the child support calculations. Attempting to negotiate, or litigate a case, without knowing how all of these factors interact can drastically impact the outcome of your case.

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