A Fresh Start

Closing out another year as a family lawyer. This year we celebrate 26 in practice and it has been an amazing journey. I feel so truly blessed to be able to help kids, families and parents get a fresh start in their lives. Our clients usually come to us with a heart wrenching crisis. They come to us at their wits end; emotionally spent, upset, angry or sad. It is hard to make decisions when the world as you know it is unraveling under your feet. Helping a person, or family, navigate these waters is challenging but incredibly rewarding. I can be there for them and remind them that everything is going to be alright. I like to be present for them, talk to them, so that they know that I am always thinking about them and I am accessible to them. They are not alone. They are going to survive this crisis and things are going to be alright.

Yesterday I was able to assist a client obtain a permanent domestic violence injunction. It had been the 4th injunction she filed over the course of 12 years. Clearly there had been repeated abuse suffered. In addition to mental and emotional abuse there had been repeated documented injuries; however, my client was afraid to enter the courtroom and testify against her spouse. Although he had been arrested for battering his spouse in the past, the criminal charges had been dropped. He repeatedly threatened that if she ever testified against him, he would kill her and take the kids. Yesterday, my brave client stood up and was granted the permanent injunction that will begin to provide her, and her children, relief from abuse and the fear of abuse.

Our clients are painfully struggling with complex issues involving their children, spouses, finances, and often don’t know what tomorrow is going to look like. It is gratifying to assist them in finding appropriate and practical solutions to these problems. There is an end in sight! Providing a client with a marital settlement agreement, or an executed Final Judgment is that moment when you know they can breathe a little easier. . . . .it is their FRESH START. Everyone deserves a fresh start. New year, new start.

Happy Holidays to you and your families. Silvia Sanders, and The Sanders Firm, P.A.