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divorce mediation orlando

Uncontested Divorce Services

Mediation is on opportunity for parties to resolve their case quickly and cheaply, with a minimum amount of conflict. For a case to be resolved in mediation, the agreement must be acceptable to both parties. Experience has shown us that mediation is the fastest, most cost effective and least destructive way to handle all family law issues.

Family Mediation

Every case in Orange County will go to mediation before it goes to court. For parties with a combined income of fifty thousand dollars or more, over ninety percent of cases either settle, or reach a partial agreement. Going straight to mediation can save time, effort and money. It can also considerably reduce frustration, and help the parties resolve their disputes and move on with their lives. However, should the need for an attorney that specializes in divorce be necessary, there are options for you.

Divorce Settlement Agreement

Family law cases, including divorce, child support, and paternity cases, can be resolved by mediation agreement. Mediation agreements are settlement agreements drafted by the parties in collaboration with the mediator. In mediation, the parties play an active role in constructing the terms of the settlement with the assistance of a neutral skilled professional who guides them through the process of discussing the legal issues relevant to their case. Finalized agreements are then filed with the court and adopted into a final judgment.

Resolving Time-Sharing, Formerly Known As Child Custody, Through Mediation

Cases involving children must have a parenting plan. The parenting plan spells out the time sharing arrangement, which the parents will have with their children. Time sharing is the legal concept that has replaced child custody in Florida law. A time sharing, or parenting plan, can be effectively drafted by the parties during mediation. Personalized final agreements are then filed with the court and adopted into a final judgment.

No Attorney Divorce

Although a mediator cannot give legal advice, drawing upon his or her extensive experience, a mediator can help the individuals identify and resolve issues that are legally required, and are common problem areas. Individuals, taking advantage of the mediator’s experience, can draft an agreement that is legally sufficient, practically sound and unique to their particular circumstance. Once an agreement is reached, it can be filed with the court and easily finalized by the parties in an uncontested, non-adversarial hearing, without an Orlando divorce attorney.